Thursday, June 3, 2010


Somebody told me that I have left this blog out-of-date for so long.. Thanks for giving me the enthusiasm to write something here..

After a 2 weeks of stressful final examination, 3 weeks of semester break begin.

Honestly, that 2 weeks are the most hardworking, most miserable, most tension and stressful weeks I have during last semester. But when it was over, my 1st year of degree also ended. Should I be glad or sad? I dunno. It has been 2 years I studied at MMU. People came around and go around, UPs and DOWNs I went through, fulfill my time with entertainment and meetings, I failed, I achieved, I missed, I gained, I learn and I tried something....... That's seem a lot but still a little compare to my life. Do I utilize the time wisely? Do I really learn some lesson? Do I really grow up? DO I? No idea.

After that, I enjoyed my 1st week of semester break in Penang. 3rd time in 2 years time I have visited Penang. The 1st one is 2 years ago vacation, 2nd one is last mid semester break nature trip, and 3rd one is a field trip.

Let's have a look with what have been changed for this 2 years...

Someone missing, and many are joining in.. Is that sound good? or maybe bad?

So, go to Penang is always eat, eat, eat, travel and grow fat a lot.. ><
I hereby wanna express my appreciation to the penang girl and her family, Qiao Hui Da Jie for touring us and take care of us again during the trip.

I wish all the sadness and misunderstanding can be forgiven anf forgot, and leave the sweet moment to be the memories and the power and motive to move on life!

I have finish watching 下体站,幸福 and others movies. Nice one!! But I wonder if our real life could have happy ending as it always shown in the end of stories.

"Destiny is not yet written,
history is not yet proven,
because the journey and not the path is what's awaiting in the end."
by Amar Delon

"Memories are fine but you couldn't touch them, smell them or hold them.
They were never exactly as the moment was, and they faded with time."
I finish reading P.S. I Love You by Cecelia Ahern. But I prefer to watch the movie.

Well, my semester break now left only 3 more days to go. I'm definately glad and look forward to back to Melaka again to enjoy my hectic life.. wakaka~

I haven't watch Prince of Persia!! and I feel the urge to go island for vacation after days of quarantine in home and working like a machine during study time. I want friends to be around me, sun shine, crystal-white sand, peaceful beach, blue-white sky, saphire ocean and lovely night with shinning stars. It just perfect! (in my dream)

Talking about friends, I miss the one who are now try her best to survive and study hard in New Zealand, I miss the one who are now busy relaxing and lazy to come out from home, I miss the one who used to spam my phone inbox with various kind of messages, I miss the one who we used to full my ears with noise, I miss the one who we used to hang out together, I miss the one who concern for me and take care of me last time and so on.. Look back to memories are good, plan for future is better, live today is the great! But, I just have too much time to missing the old times.

Some nice one quotes I would like to share:




*生前何必久睡,死后自会长眠 (this is the most nice one, cos I have been sleeping like pig for past few days! >< )


Fishy™ said...

cant fall asleep~ swim to ur blog~
finish the 常驻评审part dy, if they don add any xtra la~ ^^
Uni details now modifying the 学校资料&辩论队资料。
still thinking of how to make every teams' detail "balance"~
should b able to complete it b4 25th de~

haru90 said...

K.. Try to divide your task to our team members. No need 2 do it all alone.. Gambateh!!

Fishy™ said...

你也是啊!不要什么东西都“收收埋埋”。需要的话,我可以把时间借给你 XD

WenJun said...

I still havnt watch Prince of Persia!! U stole my photos!! Haha.. Jkjk.. gud job work with the 'past and present' photos.. nice post..

P/S : next time credit me when u use my photos.. help me promote.. haha.. Kamsahamida=)