Monday, August 3, 2009

Island Red Cafe

Guest wat, I'm now at Island Red Cafe, Rasah Jaya, Seremban surfing internet..
Well, actually i got things to do la.. Or else won't be so free travel long long way here to get wireless.

My semester break lefts 2 days only. Haven't start study yet.
I didn't go anyway because stay at house already so busy.
Cook tong shui, cook soup, eat, sleep and watching movie. Hahaha..

Will back Melaka on wednesday, got lots of thing to clean and pack cos my room is so mesy.
Got meeting on thursday for whole day as preparation for camp.
And on Friday to sunday, I will go Port Dickson for a camp.

Well, got to go now. Update later.. ^^

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Mr & Mrs MonDoK said...

.:: Ooo... Kat Rasah Jaya pon ada Island Red Cafe ek??? Tot kat Bandar Baru BAngi jek... Hi!!! Nice to meet you... ::.