Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Planetarium at MITC..

I want to update my blog yesterday. But, due to some emergency case happened, I sleep late and my blog remains blank.

Yesterday is the mid term of Basic Electrical Technology, the question is easy. I regret to spent so much time on revising it. After the exam finish, 7 of us go to Mamak stall at Bunga Raya. That is our hotspot this few day. I order Sirap Bandung – a type of sweet drink with sirap plus milk. I can feel the happiness fill me when I taste the sweetness of the drink. (I miss Banana Milk now..)

Something unusual happen is Ixora, my apartment short of electricity. That’s the reason why I didn’t back home earlier. People said that the guys keep throwing rubbish from their house and screaming “Merdeka”, the scene is just like we watch monkey at Zoo. Huh, what can we say about these University student? Educated but uncivilization?

A lizard goes to my house mate room. I hear their screaming in the bath room, it is as like they are seeing ghost. Haha. After a short struggling between the lizard and my housemate, the lizard is left outside the place we drying clothes.

I wake up a bit late today morning, going to class at usual. Well, after I finish playing with the bomb calorimeter (lab experiment), Kim San calls me. I follow Jeffrey, We Keong and Kim San to MITC to do survey.

Our main purpose and first destination is the Planetarium at Melaka. We spend RM 4 for entrance fees. First and foremost, we go to the theater room to watch presentation. The screen is awesome, it is hemisphere in shape. The audio is quite satisfying with the sound effect. The chair is comfortable but the space is a bit small. Our Kim San’s legs cannot actually fit in the small seat. Haha. The presentation is lively and 3D in graphic. I see a lot of light flying here and there, it is just like watching star and meteor on the mountain as I dream to see. I can only use one word to describe what I feel, shuang (feeling great and joyful)!! After that we playing around in that planetarium. It is not big and the facilities haven’t completely built.

Our second destination is the Melaka International Bowling Center. We just lepak around the place and ask about the price. Last destination is the exhibition in MITC. We go to the fruits fair first. Along the way, we try every food they giving for testing purpose. And in the end, we are full and satisfy without spending money. However, Jeffrey and I did buy some snack for our family. Next, we go to the exhibition about “Peternakan, Perikanan dan Peladang”. We see how the vegetables are grow and how they feed the fish. One of the specialty is we meet Kim San’s species, turtle in one of the booth. Haha. We found that the food taken by sea horse, a type of microorganism is like dandelion flying in the water. I enjoy very much today. Thanks to Kim San, Wei Keong and Jeffrey.

I got appointment with my members on 6pm. And that’s the reason I’m rushing to go back MMU. I can feel the disappointment in Kim San’s eyes. Sorry. I wish we could explore new things again with more people next time.

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