Friday, January 9, 2009

The day after final exam..

yesterday, v study until 2am 2 prepare 4 the last subject n went home sleep..
can't sleep well cos mosquito addicted to my blood ady..
wake up early in the morning n went 2 exam hall..
the sun is warm 2day..
bt eveything seem nt so right at the beginning of the day..

at first, i feel very relax..
bt, when i start the very first question,
my thinking stuck..
OMG !! so easy question i can't solve..
i am nt panic, jus can't really focus n think well..
i do hope the marks r not too low..

so release.. although i know i had made so much mistake in the exam..
scream, is the action i wan 2 do..
we decided 2 hav a great event 2day,
bt, the cars r nt in the mood of celebrating the end of exam..
WK's car smthing wrong wit high temperature while JF's car kena nail..
luckily, n thanks god, v got angels came from heaven..
wit the knowledge n experieces of SN n CC, the cars problem solved..
thanks a lot 2 tis 2 angels, SN really YING..I admired him start from that second.. hoho..
n thanks 2 da ge 4 treating us cookies.. u hav been so nice tis sem.. hehe..

we reached MP safetly, going 2 Seoul Garden n hav our lunch..
we ate so full bt sombody do left some food wasted n flee.. haha..
then is the most tiring part of the day ba..
we sang K at jetty.. A big room bt wit 2 mike only..
a very suprise to U cos smbody appear so unexpected, actually is planned..
most of them r so shame 2 sang out loud..
bt nt WK, QH, JF n I.. haha..
the impossible twins sang until their sound gone.. cos v scream 4 the song!!! haha..
i hope the others r enjoying "watching"..

whn the geng is big, decision is difficult 2 make..
we wondering in front of GSC 4 an hour bt finally decide nt 2 watch movie..
v send da jie back home n go 2 eat IKAN BAKAR near WK house..

however, xiao di keep missing the junction n loss..
tis happen since few days ago.. U says he is missing somebody so can't focus.. haha..
bt, really travel a long long way 2 paradise ady.. (copied from da ge) hehe..

so the day ended..

4 every end, there will be a starting point again..
final exam is over, sem 2 over, 1/2 year of foundation is over..
bt it is the start of sem break 4 three weeks..
so, we will be seperated 4 three months..

erm, to all my brothers n sister, thanks 4 everything (yeasterday or on sem 2) :

Da jie, u do bring influeces 2 the guys, thanks 4 ur care tis sem..
hope u grow in term of age n in thinking too.. hehe..

KS, u hav been a gentle man i dunno since when, n a very good director..
wish u HAPPY before BIRTHDAY,
so sorry 2 hav ur celebration in so rush time..

WK, thanks times million times also nt enough 4 u..
u hav been a safe driver 4 us so long..
i hope the rub btw us will nt hurt u cos i'm really a emo person..

SH, tis sem u r nt very active in our group..
bt i'm glad that u do appear on X'mas eve n yesterday..
pls, keep in touch o...

JY, huh, a great persusive person,
i can't stop appreciate n prasing ur great job on that case..
bt, do share wit us if u gt problem,
cos when happy is shared, it is doubled,
while sorrow is shared, it is haved..

JF, erm, u do change since v meet u.. in positive way..
thanks 4 all the ridiculous bt fun idea on our planning..
i hope v didn't create too much trouble when playing in ur house..

All of all, wish u all reached 4 the star n dreams..
don miss me in sem break.. bt i will..


Qiaohui said... small sis..i dun think tat i hav influnce i?
haha..hepi holi..n hepi cny..

Anonymous said...

eh!not 3 months lah..3 weeks oni..

yohere said...

lol!no big...glad that i helped...