Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Tiring day..

I wanna upload some pic de, but due 2 the Internet connection too GOOD, i jus wanna write down my feeling now..

yesterday is a tiring day, hav a physic test on morning..
really feel release after walk out fron the exam hall,
but, our mood all turn to playing mode although there r still a test on friday..

we travelled a long long way to Jonker Walk jus 2 eat Baba Nyonya Laksa..
Thanks 2 KS a lot for treating me the nice lunch..
Smbody say wanna go home, n v decided 2 accompany him going back home..
but things turned around, maybe connection problem,
part of us back to campus while another half of us keep lossing way 2 the Smbody house..
haiz.. the poor child JF got 2 drive a long long way 2 find the direction..
we manage 2 find the way to our destination,
however, he got 2 drive another long long way again back to campus..
really poor child..

Happy Birthday 2 Daryl (yesterday!!)

the plan 2 study calculus become chatting, gossip n sleeping in academic building..
we went home soon..

Da jie n I hiking again 2day..
tiring.. i take lot of photo, all scenery,
cos i looked old, fat n ugly in 10.0megapixel camera..
it is true..
when i looked into mirror tis few day,
i saw myself getting older..
white hair is growing,
my face is so ......
engineering killed my brain cells so much..
i hope the stress do dissappear soon after exam..

dinner time's topic is about children..
I agreed so much wit da jie..
She says: the children nowadays had been pamper by their parents,
by having all sort of lession (learning music,dancing, n so on...)
they hav lots of money bt don hav time 2 learn,
isn't it show a great contrast??
however, i think v jus hav 2 accept our fade,
do strike if u wan something better 4 ur life..

the sky 2day is clear,
star is shinning high..
wish da jie happy 19th birthday o!!
n make her wish come true..

sorry guys, due 2 the line too sXXk,
i signed out without telling u all..
gAmbATeh tOgetHEr..

jus now wondering around n reading blog..
i suddenly got a feeling of life is not always beers..
bad always come wit good..
happily ever after didn't come in real life..
is that true??
i wonder..

got 2 sleep,
need 2 work hard 2morow 2 prepare exam..
need 2 start stressing myself into the FUN calculus..
bless me 4 good grade tis time..


Anonymous said...


M!ngShi said...

calculus .... Tomorrow .... all the best ..... ^-^

WeiKeong said...

Hey, who was the 'somebody' you're talking about huh?? LOL! Anyway... thank you sooo much! Without you.. I think I'll won't be able to do well here.... I owe you big time! Thanks Sis! You're a kind and good person!

-peace out-

haru90 said...

hey brother, u wan me to write the full name of the "somebody" mie?
I believe that u don wan me 2 do that, K?

n thanks 4 ming shi 4 ur wish, i do a bab job anyway..
bt, watever , all the best 2 u a..

Anonymous said...


WeiKeong said...

Hey Sis... no I don't want you to write the full name cuz I already know who the person was... XD! By the way, don't keep saying yourself fat or old or whatever... becuz each time you say that, I'll become fat and old too, we're twins ma!! I don't wanna be fat and old! LOL!! Just kidding with ya! Anyway, don't ever say that. From my point of view, you have lotsa fans... you know what I mean and you know who the the fans are or maybe is?? Hehehehe!

-peace out-