Thursday, January 1, 2009

On NEW YEAR eve..

yesterday, is a fun day..
all my plan went on..
I go back Melaka on 9.30am by bus..
I was sleeping along the journey.. (cos nobody 2 talk wit..)
After the bus went to Alor Gajah,
i smsing my brother 2 fetch me..
bt like always, he was late..
after wondering the whole melaka central,
i rest at McDonald without order anything due 2 tiredness ..
Soon, I am so Happy 2 see him coming..
bt, his hair was messy.. hoho..

I lied to somebody about my journey back to melaka,
jus wanna giv suprise..
Don't be angry ho..

after the class,
v go ACR, lots of argument between us,
(I think i am fierce 2 WK that time, sorry..)
from getting sad to tired,
we decided went 2 eat BASKIN ROBIN finally !!

4 of us choosing the flovour of the ice cream..
we choose World Class Chocolate n the Happy Nuts Flavour!
The greedy ELMO take the whole Quart..
All of us are so exciting..
but, the guys really fighting for the very first scoop of Baskin Robin Ice Cream...

KS n JY is so enjoying..
The pic is blur due to his action is so fast..

eating Baskin Robin..
Look at us, enjoying the ice cream so much..

The guys start to play wit the dry ice..
All kinna lai de.. hoho...

Like always, i'm late..
I'm sorry, to let u waiting 4 so long.. i'm late again..
Cos u know girl wanna bath de la, it took sm time.. hehe..

it had been very long time, 4 of us, jus 4 of us only, didn't go 4 fun..
happy 2 eat dinner n baskin robin wit u all..
thanks a lot 4 urs care n kindness..
sorry again, if i am tooo fierce..
don be scared 2 point out my weakness, cos everybody is trying 2 improve..

the sky start 2 raining in the evening,
after they all went home,
i wondering around DP..
waiting.. waiting... n waiting....

bt luckily, i meet my ex classmate..
Keep iN tOuCh ya!!
Nadeje's cake wit coffee....
make me extremely full..

nice environment, a peaceful place 4 us 2 chatting..
v rushing 4 movie, bt v r not late( thanks god!!)
cos the whole family was waiting 4 us..
really paiseh to be late..

funny n fun movie - Bed Time Stories..
i learn smthing from it,
v need 2 work it out by ourself,
not depend on luck...

v go jonker count down,
but the spirits there is so cool..
so decided 2 went home cos of tiredness..
Thanks 4 fetching me, guy..
All the best in 2009!!


WeiKeong said...

Sorry I made you wait sis... I was running out of petrol, so had to pump some. Plus, there were many traffic lights along the way, you also know right? But it was my fault, I should have left the house earlier. The next time, I'll be waiting for you, not you waiting for me.. Okay? I promise!

Actually, you weren't fierce, you were just harsh... LOL! No la, just kidding. You were tired I guess... Okay lah, I think you better have enough sleep. Just take my advice, it's for your own good. Adios~

Peace Out!

JeffreySoon said...

nadeje ah?? why didn't blog about it ah?? go with who ler??

yohere said...

haha!KS n me were actually training ever since the starting of the month so that we can move faster n get more ice scream!XD...but i guest i lost to KS due to his super LOoooooooNG hand..haiz..(i wish i have hands that long too..)haha..were u really fierce that day?i cant remember?and i thought KS n me were the 1 who let u all wait?we were trying to finish our stuff at ACR..hehe...jan fei!SHHH!!dont be so ke poh!actually mayb she did blog bout it..but in some "alien" language to us..mayb it goes "blub blub blub"XD(if u dont understand it, dont bother of thinking what it is..u wouldnt understand:P)

haru90 said...

u all a, keep bully me de..