Friday, January 8, 2010

19th Birthday of 2009

My birthday passed long time ago. However, I’m going to retrieve my memory and start the story now....

"SWEET 19" cupcake made by my "mum".. Thanks a lot!! I love it very much.. Cos it was very sweeeeeeeeet~

Engineering Mathematics 1 midterm test just pass a few hours ago. Another half an hour left to reach 29th of July. But I already received 2 cakes and 2 presents. I eat two bites of chocolate cake before I brushed my teeth due to hunger attack. I signed in to MSN messenger, exciting fill me, hoping somebody will wish me. Well, before I sleep on 1.30pm, lots of friends do wish me a HAPPY BIRTHDAY, and I get my very own, first birthday song though Bubble Talk. Haha. Guys, really thanks a lot. I can’t imagine how you going to sing a birthday song on 12am without disturbing your roommate or housemate, and you have very nice vocal. Really thanks a lot. ^^

It is 9am in the morning, I’m struggle on which clothes should I wear today. A SMS comes in. Qiao Hui tells me that she going to skip class today, so I got to go campus alone. I’m wondering what she trying to do, and what affect her to do so. I’m a bit late to the class and only Kim San is there. As usual, I just copy and paste everything on the board on the paper without analyzing. No longer, Wei Keong, Jan Fei and Jun Yu come. We finish two tutorial classes and they pretend they don’t know anything. Well, due to I sleep a bit late (I’m sleeping pig) so I go back my room after they discuss nothing. So, my lunch is the chocolate cake and some yogurt drink. When I prepare to sleep, a SMS wake me out. Wei Keong tells me that we (both of us are lab partners) got to hand up the lab report by today. I become a bit “Pek Cek” and trying hard to chase away the sleepiness. After I take out last semester’s note, I’m heading to campus library. Surprisingly, Qiao Hui and Jun Yu are rushing for their lab report as well. Well, the story of doing lab report is not so interesting because it is very irritating when you have no idea how to solve the problems in front of you, people around you hoping you can help them as well, and I meet an egoistic guy that a bit bossy but still willing to teach us how to complete our lab report. The period of rushing report is difficult and tiring. I go back home to take a nap after that.

Erm, actually, all that intro is useless, the climax part is here:

Say "cheese" gals.. In front of Jan Fei's daddy BMW car.. Thanks a lot Jan Fei.. ^^

Nice car right? With some model standing beside.. ^^

We are Sibaraku-ing that evening. Here are the male gengs.

Here are the female gengs.

They are bullying the poor Kim SAn.. Haha..

I don't know whose plan is it and why is celebrating his Jan birthday on the same day with me.

All my presents are here..
A big teddy bear from all my beloved buddies,
a hand massage machine from my old frens,
a box of chocolate and cake from fish
and a box of chocolate and special hand-made card from my roommate..
By the way, thanks to everyone that wish me and remember my birthday..

My little bear got company di. So he won't be lonely during day time. ^^
Lastly, let's enjoy a few photo I made from Picassa last night (7th of Jan).

The happy group photo.

The cakes and the present.
They are still warm and sweet inside my heart. ^^

Me on that moment.. ^^


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