Friday, January 8, 2010

the sem break

Well, somebody says he miss my blog post, so I try to update it now. Hope it is not too late.. hehe ^^

Erm, from my very previous post, I went JB with my fren (QH, WK, JF, WJ, KS). All the nice nice photo can be viewed in facebook but not here. Cos I just got the photo taken by the 2MP Sont Ericson Phone. Although we didn't Christmas this year (Oops, should be last year! ) , as long as we all are together, we have fun and we share the moments.

Here is the expensive and fine dining food in one of the restaurant called Arashi in Jusco Tebrau City. The set is called Salmon Shabu-shabu, somekind of ramen with miso soup.

The most important thing is not the salmon, actually, I love the Chicken Leg Wan Tan Mee the most on the right top side. Haha.. What can say? I'm jus a Wan Tan Mee lover. It's yummy. ^^

Well, another significant place we went is the Lavendar Restaurant. We went their on Christmas Eve just for dessert. I regret. We should go there for dinner.

The atmosphere is incredily romantic and grand, with black and purple as the theme design colour. The hotspot we found would be the big mirror along the stairs, cos we can take group photo there.
I'm adding this line here to express my apology on a late thank you. Thank you to Tan Wen Jun for touring us at JB. I know u enjoy it too.

After that, I went to Kulai to meet my sister and my family. We have barbecue for the very 1st nite.

Sea food barbecue!! The prawn and crab were Oiishii!!

No doubt, we have fun!

The second day, my sisters, my mun and I went to Singapore.
The escalator is absolutely double the speed of malaysia.
Some photo taken in China Town.

The food price is 2.5 times. There are some dessert, Si Chuan food from China and also some local food.
The Yam with pumpkin dessert is my mum favourite. I like it as well. Cos it is sweeeeeeeeeet~

Night scene at Orchad Road. We didn't go shopping but dinner at the 4th floor.

ERm, my New Year was spent inside a KTV room. Watching people singing karaoke while I'm sending sms and drinking.

The days after new year is the start of boredom at home. Having the same routine everyday and become lazy day by day.

But I'm fortune to have frens around me.. Thanks to Ke Jun and Chi How for dragging me out from my home.

I watch Avatar on 6th of Jan. I spent a 10 dollar on the popcorn and carbonate drink just for the bottle of avatar. (It didn't shine in dark, the advertisement has make fool of me. =.='')
Well, besides avatar, I enjoy the sashimi and I Italia pizza very much.. Thanks to chi how again.. ^^

Yesterday, I went to pasar malam. Miss there so much, got a lots of local food I like so much.
I bought a few shirt for the new sem. Thanks to Ke jun again.. ^^

And today, I help my bro to sign up for his facebook.
For tomorrow, planning to go KL to find my sis for shopping..


min min said...

You had a great holiday!! Envy =)

WenJun said...

Hey. Looks like u enjoyed ur holidays. Dats good.
I see u thank a lot of ppl de but din thank me. Sad. T.T
Btw, nice post! Great summary bout ur holidays. Haha.
U now only blog bout ur bday ah. So long time edi. U still rmb o. Looks like u r nt as forgetful as u say u are. Haha.

Anonymous said...

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haru90 said...

Min ~ I have a great holiday, not without sacrify, in term of financial. So I would like to announce I'm bankrupt after the great holiday.. hehe~

Wen Jun ~ My birthday post have been save as draft for half a year. haha. So it isn't bout my forgetfulness. And, there must be some reason to say thank and sorry, so wat's the reason I got to thank you? I wonder.. hahaha~
Jkjk~ read the green line..

WenJun said...

Wah. U purposely add that line ah. Green color some more. Haha. Thats sweet. Thx U.

Anonymous said...

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