Monday, January 4, 2010

Coming up NEXT~~

My new year resolution will be coming up soon..

And also some photo during vacation for tis sem break..

So do stay tunned~!!



My New Year Resolution for 2010
1. Healthy Life Style
To : Myself
Ways : Sleep before 11pm everyday. Choose what you eat, be a half vegetarian is a good practice. Walk and climb as much as I can. Take a walk after every meal.

2. Skillful
In the field of : Language (English speaking, Japanese, as well as Chinese), News and Information
Ways : Write, read and speak correct grammar. Adapt myself to the news and be “IN” to current issues.

3. Characteristic Upgrade
To : Friends, family members, working partner and to myself.
Ways : Responsible for every words I said, every action I took, every task I handle and every promise I made.

( II)Be a caring person
To: Friends and family members
Ways : Decrease the selfishness, pride and prejudice. Send some greeting cards and don’t forget their birthday!

(III)Be a confident person
To : Everyone
Ways : You just have to believe to yourself! Talk out loud!

( IV )Be a determine and aggressive person
To : Myself
Ways : GO! GO! Go! Don’t defeat by the evil laziness!

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