Monday, November 23, 2009

next sunday

Yeah!! Mid term was over...
I dunno why I'm feeling happy just now..
Maybe I ate too much sugar (chocolate drink and a Kit Kat as dinner and sirap bandung as supper).. haha...

Evey time something important over, like mid term, i will start to relax myself..
Well, tis is not a good symptom because I still got Engineers Graphics assignment to summit on Thursday and Japanese-language proficients test on NEXT SUNDAY!!

I just hope I can get enough sleep tonight and my mental can be revive because I had 3 hours sleeping time on last sunday morning..
I pray hard that my hair don't grow so many white and brown hair and my Panda eyes can recover ASAP..

Got to sleep lo.. Nite.. ^^


Jeffrey Soon Jan Fei said...

Wow... panda eyes.. cute lar!! hehe^^

Good lUck in your japanese language trial!! Jia you!!

小巧 said...

good luck in ur test!!!
n den if u hav panda eyes..u'll hav special service fr china..
cz u r 国宝!!!haha^^