Friday, November 6, 2009

SDC Puchong trip

5 min some more, the day will end.

There was a one day trip of Solar Distinct Cooling field trip just now.
I slept on 12am something after came back from OC meeting of SB while wake up on 7pm in the morning.

After 2 hours journey, we reach puchong. The managers there giving us talk on their Solar Air-conditional system, Central-based control system and so on. After visit their building, we ate our lunch thr and depart to Sunway Piramid.

This is the 2nd times in this 2 month that I went to Sunway.
The first time is during Sem break, I went there for Sunway Lagoon and Red Box.
And this time, I went there for ice skating.

Well, the story was like too long so I will cut it short.
I had fall down on the 1st quarter round while moving around with the helping of the wall.
So that was damn hurt. My waist is terrible pain now. Hopefully I could wake up from my bed tomorrow.
Erm, thanks a lot to Wen Jun and Jerome for lending a hand. Haha. Or else, I would stick with the wall for all the times.
And also, thanks to Fish for helping me to solve the Wu Li Ma Cha problems.
In additional, thanks to Qiao hui's brother for formating my laptop.
Thanks to every1 who taking care of me.
I couldn't move on so easily if life is without you all.

Really got to sleep now. Tomorrow will be another hectic day, especially when ur body didn't function so well, it decreases the efficiency of work. Haha.


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