Wednesday, October 28, 2009

About the volunteer job

So I'm now at The Legend Hotel opposite PWTC 20th floor. All the guys are now gather a room gossiping.

I woke up on 3.45am today. Didn't get enough sleep last night because I went back from KL on 10pm and ate my dinner after that. After a long and cold journey from MMU Melaka, we reach PWTC about 7am. Before I could fully wake up from the half sleeping state, I start my job, held my duty at registration counter. First of all, I'm nervous and panic to handle with the incoming guest, with English. Welcome them, request them to fill in the registration card, ask for donation and so on. Well, after the peak hour, I'm totally free for the whole day.Lepaking here and there.

The job is not heavy, but due to the formal attire, especially the medium-high heeled shoes, is torturing my legs. Besides, we have about 5 meals per day. A quick breakfast, and then tea break, follow by lunch and high tea, and finally supper.Honestly, the food is not delicious but sumptuous. Why I say so? Because the quantity of the food is many and the decoration and arrangement is nice to see, but not very nice to eat. And most of the time, the guest can't finish them. So it is a bit "extravagant".

The Last thing I wanna mention is about the accommodation. I'm now at the 5 star Legend Hotel for 3 nights. I got to sleep now because all my roommate have slept. Tell you more bout this tomorrow. ^^

p/s: Anybody live near PWTC feel free to come and visit the conference and also visit me, of course. Haha..

Thanks God I got a "a bit fast" and "brilliant" computer to be used here. I restart it for 3 times before I succeed to turn on the desktop.

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