Friday, December 11, 2009


Well, I slept on 2am this morning but woke up on 7.30am. Wat's up?
Just to make pasport lolz...

My very kind Wei Keong drive a long long way to fetch me early in the morning.
The imigration department open on 7.30am but we arrive about 9am. So there was alreasy a long queue there.
I took my pasport photo near the cafeteria and wondering should I take the queue..
Well, I did queue to get my number. A nice number, 1118.
But, the number board showing "1003".
My god.. We waited for 3 to 4hours there watching Barbie. Sien~

After finished the payment, we went for lunch with Jeffrey, Wen Jun and Kim San.
We heading to Windmill Restaurant at Jusco.
The food is not too disappointing but not sumptuos enough. My rank is just 2.5 per 5 only.
After tat, we shop around Jusco before we went back.

And it was about 4pm, we went back to the imigration department to collect the pasport. Well, somebody miss the entrance so we have waited 120s for 3 times of the traffic light to turn green.
Huh, the incredible and horrible hot weather really cook us lively in the car.

But, I finally get my pasport.. ^^
Looking forward to go out station but still have to settle my assignment and final first..
Haiz.. GOt to start drawing again later...


VICENT said...

decided going where???
y suddenly going made the paspost

WenJun said...

haha... u blogged bout ur passport... u even gave a rating on our lunch... vry cute leh u... anyway, congrats on getting ur passport... can tell dat u were vry happy... hope can go sg together someday...

haru90 said...

Vicent~ i'm planning to go Singapore with family afetr Xmas..
WenJun~ yaya, maybe someday..

VICENT said...

i want go...
i'm also one of your family o....
Y dun bring me go???

haru90 said...

Sure.. You are welcome to join me..
Come JB on 26th la..

Anonymous said...

vincent you are who o? why bring you go o.O...

haru90 said...

Is Vicent not Vincent..
Since his name so special, sure is someone special lo..
Haha.. lolz..