Sunday, December 20, 2009


The driving force to study => Exam

The positive stress for exam => To get good result

The effect of getting good result => A good job

The gurantee of a good job => Money

The objective of getting money => Get rich and live prosperity

Without financial stress, human can live happily ever after.

Is that true? I wonder..

What is the formulae for life?


WenJun said...

Wow.. nice theory...

Getting rich huh. I'll tell u sumthing better. achieve financial freedom. don't work for ur money. instead, let the money work for u. Haha. My mom thought me dat.

Anyway, money is nt everything. There are things money cant buy. and it is these things dat are the true key to happiness.

haru90 said...

you r rite..
but, before money work for u,
you must work for ur money first..