Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Struggle

The mood of final exam and semester break keep bothering me.
Stressful ~
Because of final is coming, but I haven't fully start my engine.
Many theories and laws need to be memorize but I still spend my time on jogging.
I will start to feel sleepy and bored whenever I saw so much words..

Semester going start once the exams over.
Count Downing for Christmas to come.
A special season for loving and sharing.
I hope all the plan go nothing wrong.
New Year is coming following Christmas.
My New Year resolution of year 2009, I think I'll fail to achieve them.
And my birthday wish too, going to collapse soon.
I'm growing up, but growing older at the same time.
I have been doing nothing for this 2 years of my University Life besides enjoying them with fun and food.

Thoughts are inside my head but I don't have the chance to share them out yet.
I got to balance my life and my time better next semester.
Goals must be set clearly and specifically.
SO that I would not loss them so easily next time.
GAMBATEH! be optimise~
Life will be better, just keep moving forward~


WenJun said...

U feel stressed ah? I wish my type stress is ur type if stress lo.. Urs is a matter of doing well or nt... Mine is a matter of life or death... Later is my engine math... A do or die situation... Haha...

I see ur blog mostly about u being lazy and so on... Thats y u are lazy all the time bcuz u are always telling urself that u are... Mayb u shud chg and write sumthing positive bout urself.. Instead of writing bout the things u didn't do, write bout the things dat u did do... Haha

Besides, wat was ur new year's resolution/bday wish? *curious* Haha...

Anyway, all the best la... even though i cant see how in the world u could not do well... Haha

haru90 said...

Because the things I have done is too much..
And some is not preferable to reveal to the public, tat's y i didn't blog it.. Haha..

My new year's resolution can be view at

my birthday wish is ........

I have my goals.. SO if I fail to achieve them, that's mean fail to me..

Thanks for support..
GOod luck n all the best 2 u too~ ^^

WenJun said...

Ur bday wish is ???? Wan say den say... dun leave suspense... Haha...

No need to blog about everything that u did la... Anyway, my point is, try to chg the 'mood' of ur posts... Make them more happy... Haha...

Btw, u type wrong edi... its fail myself... Nt fail to me...

haru90 said...

cos the wish itself is .....

haha..not "it's mean fail to me" mie?

WenJun said...

i don think so... usually, it is said as 'i failed myself'... unless u are tryin to say sumthing else... haha