Friday, March 12, 2010

~Alvin says~ 1

haru says:
it is a lonely nite, will lots of works..Gambateh~

alvin says:
the nite isnt lonely....
there will be some others with u
some are crawling
some floating
some staring at u from far
some staring at u just right on front of u
some smelling u
some looking at u...and give u a big wide smile
the smile is so wide untill reaching her cheek
shud i say
wider than her eyes level
with her teeth shown
some standing besides of u
n get their face close to
looking into ur eyes
waiting for some responses
they are hoping for some atention
atention that u will give in shockness
and they can smell n taste uf fears
and they can go into ur soul slowly
eating u pieces by pieces
blood wont be seen
but ur aura, ur body
is ocupied slowly
without any notice....

to be continued in season 2

I'm waiting.. haha..


WenJun said...

whch alvin said this? chia ching ah?

haru90 said...

ya la.. He trying 2 scare me with his story when I'm alone..
but he was nt succeed to do so.. haha~

haru90 said...
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WenJun said...

omg.. he so free o.. did he get this from his head? or did he copy from some where?