Thursday, March 12, 2009


tis is a day wit some rain.. n coldness..
the colour of 2day is black..
nt sorrow nor sad..
jus empty n frustrating...
black with wondering..
black with confusing..
black with struggling..

which steps should i take?
the right one? or the left one?
is it the right one? or it is jus wrong?
where my angel n devil gone??
who going 2 tell me???

hey haru, where r u now??
erm.. erm.... erm.... i don know..
the sound of the crowd is too loud..
i can't hear myself...
they keep influence me..
but nobody tell me wat 2 do...
so, wat can I do?

take a deep breath when i feel suffocated..
bt it seem the air is getting lesser..

walk faster if u r going loss..
jus wanna go out from tis darkness..

run!! tis is wat could i do..
tears r jus the filling of my heart..

stop thinking n listen 2 the whisper..
the whisper of the heart.. SOSing..

blame them on me..
it jus all my fault..

blah blah blah..
i know i can take it..
calm down.. jus relax...
take it easy..
you can do it!!

drama will be on the next morning..
jus hoping everything will be alright..

"romeo save me they're trying to tell me how to feel,
tis love is difficult, but it's real..."

David : call ur bro n sis for help la!!
Cassendra : they are all busy la.. can't get through their phone!!
David : how bout ur lovely son?
Cassendra : water from far far away can't save a near burning fire..
David : then jus put off the fire yourself la!! stupid de..
Cassendra : .....

who going to tell me:
"don't be afraid, we'll make it out of this mess.."
i wonder..


yohere said...

until now, i still cant figure out what is going on in ur mind..

haru90 said...

it just lots of messy thingy..
odourless, tasteless..
bt, black in colour, dark inside..
watever it is,
it will over soon..

let the warm n happiness of spring bless you all again.. ^^