Friday, March 6, 2009


erm, tis few day very busy 4 drama practice..
tired, exhausted..
we use up all the energy 2 act n play play during the scene..
in an hour time, we could NG and add in many self-create (of course, nt logic) 's dialog..
they r crazy , crazy and dramatic enough..

sometimes, we are feeling tense too..
not everyone is borned 2 be dramatic...
they work hard 4 it..

and i realise 1 thing 2day,
now only i know my slang is totally unique n so alien..
no wonder in 2ndary sch time,
they always say when i'm scolding pp, i'm jus like tellinga joke..
huh.. gt 2 work out on it..
n MUET is near...
i totally hav no idea wit it..
no guidance, no guide line..

i read some of my frens blog..
i felt ashamed of myself..
they know wat they wan, therefore, they do wat they wan..
bt i...
i really can't figure out wat i wan, n i do the others do...
sometimes, i'm tired of following the trend..
sometimes, i'm feeling isolated due 2 out of the trend..
wat should i do ?
and another info i get is,
many pp started 2 improve themself,
try to do their best..
bt i..
i confuse wit wat is rite n wat is wrong..
wat is true n wat is false..
wat is good n wat is bad..

*i'm sorry QH n J, i'm feeling nt well in the car jus nw..
i'm so sorry can't help u all..
i'm nt blur, bt i can't really do any thinking n movement..
i got 2 sleep now..
see ya 2morow..

hope 2morow hav my good mood back..

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