Thursday, March 19, 2009

updating my condition..

tis few day really busy..
no time 2 on computer..
no time 2 on9..
no time 2 update blog..

eating supper n bath b4 i slept almost become my habbit..
teh tarik bring the warmness 2 me in such an odd hour,
bathing bring the coldness n peacefulness 2 me be4 i could end my day up..
i can addicted 2 such life..
bt, it does bring side effect 2 me on the next morning,
pimples on the face, the PANDA bear eyes n the slow response on stimuli..
the worst is i slept during the lecture..
jus hope i can fix it as soon as possible..

my legs ..
the shoes bite me!!
don want 2 wear it so often..
it will kill me so soon ..

good news!!
almost all the assignment, presentation n report were done..
Sem break is jus in the corner..
it might be a bad news 4 me..
no on9 n no blogging in home town!!
i need 2 be in quarantine again.. haiz..
lots of thingy need 2 be revised 4 the test that will carry on rite after the break..
so, wat should i do on the coming sem break?
study? play? eat?
no idea...

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