Thursday, March 12, 2009

It's over..

yup.. the drama was overed..
a simple story line,
consists of 7 characters,
reflects the ugly of humanity in the field of greed becos of money..

Winson 4 lending his laptop n speaker as PA..
Yaya 4 giv me a favour on make up.. (although it can't really cover my tiredness..)
Jeffrey 4 lending his digital camera.. (bt due 2 u didn't turn up, we can't recorded ourself..)
Qiao Hui 4 sponsoring the make up thingy..
Kim San n Wei Keong 4 the fruits..
Jun Yu 4 the guiding..
Pay Shan n Jerome 4 assisting..
every1 who watching..
and all the members that act their best in the draMA..

the ending can be a new starting point..
cos the story of life won't ended until we die..

Erm, as the matter of fact, yes , i'm exhausted after the drama..
a 15 nap become an hour long..
my self control n self discipline become weaker these day..
I ponteng my japanese class again n again..
How could I do that??

jus tired,
jus lazy,
jus not welling 2 get up the bed..

I still rmr my bro copy my attitude yesterday..
"Ello, I'm yi jia de yi, fu rong de rong..
She walks very heavy step.. DaDaDA..
She shouts with high pitch everytime with the ATTACK.. Ah..
She get EMO when there r japanese class.."
do I? haha.. i dunno la...

I hereby wish JY hav a safe journey to sabah..
And very best luck for the fencing competion...

Hope the assignments can ended so soon..
and the exam won't kill too many of my brain cells..

ALL THE BEST ya!! ^^


yohere said...

lol..tq...and good luck in ur mid term too^^
sorry these few days got a bit mess up...hadnt really have my well deserved sleep yet..haiz..still need to pack for tomorrow..hope can win something back from sabah...hehe...k lah..jia you for ur assignments!!

haru90 said...

take time 2 relax at the aeroplane la..
get well rest n everything will be fine..

beside win the 1st prize,
don 4get 2 bring back some souvenir or maybe picture from Sabah ya!! ^^