Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Transformation of human to machine

Huh, my life is just like a bullet train recently.
Schedule is pack, rountine becomes heavier and sleeping time become lesser.

After the very last sunday we celebrate Jun Yu's birthday with BBQ, I get a serious sore throat.
Wasting money to meet the edoctor and I get a lots of antibiotic.
Because you know why, I wanna go camp on last weekend.

The camp is awesome.
Thanks to Neo to recommend it to me. (Give me ur acc no so tat i can return money to u ya!)
We are having lots of talk on the 1st day, quite boring but inspiring a lots too.
We went to cameron highland, visit the farm and so some chores.
The accomodation is like 4 to 5 star. It is worth more than what we pay.
Having funs a lot. If i got time only write more bout tis camp la..

Next, is the fund raising project I'm leading.
Come and support me.. The details are on the previous post.
I will be transform to machine if i do not sleep now.
Oyasuminasai.. ^^

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