Saturday, September 19, 2009



It was the last and only tutorial we have for first semester of degree yesterday.
After doing nothing from morning to noon, I went to class with Qiao Hui as usual on 2.30pm for thermodynamics last tutorial. I didn't pay much attention as usual. In addition, there was conflict to be solved and a sudden event to be planned.

After playing SMS, passing secret letter and gossiping, our plan finally come out. We going to make a sudden celebration of birthday for Jeffrey.

The class ended. And I pop up with a suggestion of going to Jonker Walk for Ice. As usual, Wei Keong says OK. Due to our first and second elder brother wore red shirt, somebody suggest we use red as theme colour that day. We went home to change our clothe, with red colour as theme after Wen Jun finished his lab report.

Five of us, Kim San, Wei Keong, Wen Jun, Jeffrey and ME, wearing red shirt, quite sharp one red colour heading to Jonker. Along the way, they start their crazy jokes.

After 15min, we reached JOnker Walk.

You know what, the person that suggest this "red theme" start to feel embarrass because WE ARE TOO SIGNIFICANT TO BE NOTICE. We almost attract everyone at anyway when 5 of us walk together because of the RED COLOUR. Haha.

I enjoyed eating Hong Dou Ice at the famous shop that call Da Bao & Xiao Bao. It has been a long time I didn't come Jonker to have this delicious dessert. Kim San and Wen Jun have their lunch, maybe high tea(because it is 4.3om) with the sumptuos Nyonya Laksa and Baba Laksa. After taking some picture, we left Jonker.

Well, we have no idea where to go after that. Wei Keong, the driver drove here and there, we past Dataran Pahlawan and Mahkota Parade twice but we didn't stop.He keeps driving slow and steady, without destination, and he banned all our idea like Capitol Satay Celup, shopping at DP or MP and so on.. We are getting to give suggestion. Jeffrey almost fall asleep in the car when Wei Keong drive through a Housing Area.

Soon, Wei Keong car comes to Restaurant Bei Zhan, somebody suggest to go in to have dinner, but somebody ban it because it is an extravagant meal at such high class restaurant, therefore someone says wanna take photo of 5 red-shirt-ed people in front of Bei Zhen and someone insists wanna go in to have dinner. Well, as you know, our arguement will never end but Wei Keong parked his car.

All of us get down the car and heading to Bei Zhen. As usual, the only guy that have great curiosity and great exploring spirit pulled the door open and walked in. We all followed. ..

It is a white, clean and new restaurant. With simple and nice decoration on door, window, wall and ceiling. The simplicity give me a feeling of elegant.

Jeffrey walked in. And he spot somebody!! SURPRISE!! Jun Yu, Jane and Kai Feng were sitting on one of the table. Haha.. Jeffrey is quite surprise, I hope so.

I went to find Qiao Hui and Siew Hiong at the usual place, toilet. Then, we order our dinner. It took not too long for the food to be ready. First, the Sweet sour chicken and mixed vegetable come first. Then, the Tau Fu, salad Prawn and at last, the fish curry are all ready on the table.
"Itadakimasu!" "Shrr.. You thought this is Japanese Restaurant is it?" "Camera" "Snap the pictures first" "Say cheese~" "Chee~" "Not you la!! I mean the food" "chik chat" "chik chat" ..... " da ge eat, da jie eat, er ge eat, ext........

After the photo shooting and argument, "DA JIA CHI FAN! (Everybody enjoy your meal!)"
Nice curry fish, but the quantity of salad prawn is not satisfy, "I'm totally disappoint with it!" said by Kim SAn..

Qiao Hui secretly drag me to outside, then Jane followed. We managed to lend a lighther and the knife.
We walk in with 2 mooncakes and 1 candle lighted. "Happy birthday to you, Ha....." Happy birthday song is being sang. Jeffrey make a wish and blow the candle.

"Wah, so early. Earlier than my sister" said by Jan Fei. Actually, his birthday is on 2nd of October, But due to it crashes with Mid autumn Festival and final exam, we make it early.

We ate the mooncake. And Jun Yu send Qiao Hui to Melaka Central to take her "fight", Siew Hiong n Kai Feng back to Ixora and bring JEN JEN JEN Jane to dating. The left over, the 5 weirdo with red shirt geng, continue the journey.

First, we go to the 2nd floor of Bei Zhen to explore. Guest what, we spot Mr. ThumAn, with his gf, collegue or family, maybe. Somebody predict that he went there to book venue for wedding, but is it true? We are not sure since they all like to guest something ridiculous. After that, we snap some photo in front of Bei ZHen building. (Will show you the photo later.. They all are in Wen Jun camera but he went KOREA di.. )

Later, we just went to Mahkota Parade to hang out until 10pm. We went back after that because few of us got 2 wake up early to catch the bus to go hometown.

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