Saturday, December 6, 2008

Friendship or friend shit..

wat really is friendship?
n wat really mean by frenshit?

the different is jus a word,
but the meaning is very obvious..

there will always frenship n frenshit occured in real life..
frenshit might speak nice words to u ,
they talk something else in front of somebody else..
frenship might speak something very direct n hurt words,
but they really mean it,
to help u,
to make u realise ur mistake,
n happy 2 see u success..

believe it or not,
is jus the choice of frenship n frenshit..

turn around,
sure u will find somebody that likely 2 share problems wit..
a normal fren will ask u r u ok when u r sad..
but a true fren will lend u his shoulder n ear to listen n share ur problem..
don't i know that when happy is shared,
it is doubled happy..
when sadness is shared,
it is half only...

everybody will hav their own very private secret..
everybody will hav their own problem n desperation toward the cruel n realistic world..
find ur fren wit ship one,
talk to them,
ur sadness sure will become half..

* i jus wanna say to all my fren,
** i am willing 2 lend my ear, shoulder n time,
*** for any hapiness or sadness..
***** pls FORGIVE me if i was rude or hurt u all so much..
** u know my phone is 1 day 24 hours on call
* i am ready.. take care!!!!


i know i am a bad adviser,
but i am a good listener..

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Fishy™ said...

is it really that far between us?