Wednesday, December 10, 2008

mid valley..

After exam last Fri,
v go jonker walk..
due 2 raining,
v ate supper at LIMbongan burger.....


After 3 hours sleep,
i take the bus back 2 s'bn,
then go to mid valley...

I am loss..
i got the chance 2 go the garden..
Nice place right??
the porridge n yao zha kueh there is nice!!

I like the mo tian lun...
wait 4 someday,
i will buy it 4 my X'mas present..

Nice decorations at mid valley..
Go n see it urself!!

I watch TWILIGHT wit my ex classmate.. Romantic n nice love story..
However, not true in realistic.. I might enjoy it very much, if n only if i'm nt alone..
Long time no c buddies..
Thanks 2 duan 2 sending me, actually ur driving skills is pass..

guest wat is the ingredient..
no price 4 u..

The dry mee n the kuah..
(it makes me hungry..)

Delicious dinnernon sunday at fei's house..
Thank u guys 4 cooking..
The spagety is nice!!
I loving it.. ^^

The given GIFT from musical shows..

see my slide show at tis link.. ^^

n tis is the slide of penang trip during sem break 1..

anyone could tell me how 2 put the slide into blog or frenster??

i hav no idea wit it..

thanks very much..


JeffreySoon said...


got time then arrange the picture's all mix up.hehe^^

but nice work on "mid valley.."
love the words with the picture kinda feels. next time i got picture sure will do so. cuz as my friends says, a picture worths a thousand word.

erm, 1 more thingy. whose that two pretty girls. u say they will be no girls going de wor... how come pop up not 1 but 2 girls ler? next time introduce to me. haha^^

haru90 said...

first n foremost,
i wanna thank u for giving me such nice name..
2ndly, i do the blog in very rush time n tired mood, sure will edit de la..
the gals r my classmate..
i told u i'm went 2 watch twilight wit them de lo..
u r so bLuR @.@ ...


pass by to say ''hi'' :)

WeiKeong said...

Ya Jan Fei... you're so blur!! Didn't she tell us that there were girls? 3 girls sat at one end and the boys sat at the other end? Were you dreaming? LOL!!! Just kidding...

文豪~RaY said...

Why yongliang looks like ah boon ady de... hahaha

Halo... YiRONG long time din c u ady
how r u? ^^

Keep in touch :D