Thursday, December 4, 2008

pesticide or 'man'icide??

don know wat time,
some mystery mist start to flow on the air,
though the window,
of my room,
in 15th floor..

It is pesticide..

I wonder
the mist will affect our health or not..
therefore pesticide become'man'icide lolz,,

tell u something..
today ixora lift malfunction at 7pm..
dinner time..

my date is on 7pm..

Use the stair..
i did used the stair..

start from 15th floor,
walk to ground floor..

not a very long journey,
but along the journey,
can see beutiful scene of sunset..


the condition make me think of QUARANTINE!!
no crazy dog chasing me along the quite dark stair..

actually i hope to walk from ground floor until 15th floor when i back,
i wanna try the feel of climbing from down to the top..
the lift function back ady..

2day is a tiring day...
Sleep on 1am and wake up pn 7am..
wit terrible bad mood n hot temper,
i had been dreaming in calculus class,

dream about wat??






the dream might about
my prince riding on his white horse,
wanna fetch me back 2
fairy tales..

the dream might about
i am eating Baskin Robin's ice cream..

the dream might about
meteor rain is in front of my sight..

n the dream might about
i am sleeping on my house's bed now...

i forgot wat i hav dream..



my name was called!!
who so dare 2 disturb my dream??

Oh my god,
i am luckier than spot the 4D toto,
calculus teacher was calling my name ..
to do the question on the board...
not a tough question..
person that still dreaming
can't response so fast..


really paiseh..

I don know how 2 do,
i jus keep silent ..

the Conclusion is,

Nowadays many people fall sick..
Da Jie, Wei Keong n Jan Fei,
hope u all recover soon..
Cos exam is jus 2morow nite..
ya o, exam wanna come ady..
I don know y i am so free 2 wondering in the net,
chatting n writhing blog..
the nearer the exam is,
the harder i wan 2 concentrate..
i am jus tired n no mood 2day..
tomorow will be fine..
Good nite n sweet dreams....


Qiaohui said...

so fast gt another diary glad u gt write another diary lo..i feel more n more better dee lo..2day cn sing my voice so disgusting..EWW..out key one..when i cn sing nicely ne?n 2day the ixora put the smoke thg make me cough badly..nonstop..i wanna die dee..haiz..luckily i drink more water makes me feel better..i hate tat watever "cide"..haiz..dun giv ppl notice one..juz simply spray..make me feel i cnnt breath..haiz..anyway..i will recover asap..haha^^

caesium-137 said...

I thought you wanna say you want to walk from ground floor to 15th floor to make yourself keep fit. Haha...waiting forward for your blog for so long, at last you update at blogspot. Haha...