Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!!

Time and tide wait for no man..
Very soon, year 2008 will be ended..
Surprising, 18th will be gone, and 19th is coming..
When I was a child, I hope to grow up ASAP..
But, when I grow up, I prefer to stay as a child,
Cos adult life is not easy and happy as always as we thought..
However, time is a great tutor..
He teach me how to think more mature and act more rational..
Therefore, I got to take up all the challenge that come into my life..
And become strong and independent..
Erm, I think I went out the topic ady.. hehe…
In 2008,
I get my first part time job, working as a sales girl at an optometry shop..
Then, I go to Melaka to study Engineering..
I am glad that I know many kind and helpful frens here..
I went to Bon Odori, Zoo Melaka, Sibaraku, Penang, Seremban, Cosmoy World at KL and Portugis settlement..
I was the co-organiser of Barbaque for Mid Autumn Festival, steamboat, sm guys’ birthday, and all sort of small events..
I hav few good frens here that I called them as sisters and brothers..
I hav few close frens here too to share my happiness and sadness..
And of course I will never forget all my old frens,
The frens who accompany me along secondary sch life,
N the frens who always stand by my side when I’m in troble..
Thank you, thank you and thank you very much to all of you..
For coming into my life, giving me all the care and encouragement, make my life seem colourful and full with joy..
Sorry to all of you,
If I do hurt u or make u feel bad,
Pls forgive me..
In the end,
Let’s celebrate the coming new year 2009..


caesium-137 said...

Quite a good piece of blog. Happy New Year. May you be blessed.

M!ngShi said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!!! ^.^ Keep contact through blog la .....hahaa....this is how we know what happen to each other

yohere said...

haiz...time just!i m 19 this year! makes me feels so old!hehe...dono y..i just enjoy my under 18 rights more then i enjoy my above 18 rights...hehe...well..we cant stop time, so lets grow together!^^
oh yah!u left out working unhappily at the pc fair after u reach melaka!hehe..its my fault..sorry..

haru90 said...

no la..
Working at the PC fair is fun too..
is a new experiences..
thanks a lot to u..