Wednesday, December 10, 2008

from sad to happy..


a busy day..

many things hapen..

from sad 2 happy..

Wake up at 6.45am..

wanna summit the stupid homework..

cooling weather, make me feel lazy enough 2 wake up..

cool wind while walking 2 sch..

the class start,

i can't focus at all due 2 sleepless...

not in good mood 2day..

everything turns worse when bad things happen..


jus 4get about it,

no use 2 rmb the bad things..

dinner wit chau kueh tiaw n satay..


poteng eng class!!

going 2 GIFT musical drama show...

i lov it..

now i only knows wat is the feeling of sitting in front of stage n watching shows rather than performing...

the photo shows wat i get from the shows..
jus a door gift..
but nice right??
got 2 sleep,
tell u more detailed next blog..
goOdnIte, my BudDy..

1 comment:

JeffreySoon said...

some1 in a bad mood that day...

but we 4give u. dun worry. frens mah...

next time wont be so loud when talking about others. promise x_x