Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A lesson

Last weekend's
programme n photo sharing..
tis is me..
I know I grow fat di... wat can do?? melaka too much delicious food..

Got somebody sleep very tight in the train..

Very nice red colour
X'mas tree..

when we are
on the way 2 go home..

Candies... Colourful candies.. I like it..
(I'm hinting.. haha...)

HoHohO!! Merry Christmas!! everybody..
actually my X'mas wish is jus,
i wanna be myself again
n happy forever after..

1st Body Gloove shirt... Not really cheap...

The decoration in Mahkota Parade.. Jus normal.. But I enjoy the window shopping wit Da Jie 4 a whole day.. N the biscuit at my brother's house is too delicious until i can't stop my mouth.. Although the plan 2 watch meteor rain is not success..

We r capturing pic at living cabin...
Very nice dress..
Will buy it someday,

Chocolate gav by cing..
really sweet...
n thanks 4 WK 4 buying me chocolate
at the moment i'm nervous..

The sun set 2day is so peaceful..
n the sky 2nite is full wit stars..
i enjoy the moment v jus sat at the field..
My group members on presentation.. They do did an effort.. but not me..

Everybody, smile!!

A small photograph session take place after the english presentation...
I do regret..
for wasting my time in weekend at mid valley n s'bn..
n doing the last minute job for these presentation...
I do make many people disappointed..
I do learn a lesson 2day..
that is, don do last min job!!
So, 2day will be christmas eve..
Wish u all merry chrismas n
all the dream come true!!

I learn a great lesson..

that is,

never do the last minute job..

cos there will be no suprise wit last minute job..


文豪~RaY said...

u look lenglui now lehh... ^^
so hows ur study?

M!ngShi said...

hey ... You really mature and look good .... ^-^ Merry Christmas !!! Well, next time do the job earlier and make the work perfect as you can lol .. I miss you =p

灵儿 の 汶 said...

hello ... u look vy leng lui lo~~~ haha ~ drop by to say hi ... i will link u in my blog ~

WeiKeong said...

Hey sis, your presentation wasn't really that bad, but the previous trimester was better. Wah! You have lotsa people praising you... not bad! Bubblez will be so proud. XD! One thing, have quite a number of hints in this post. Who are you hinting? I'll hint Bubblez to come see so that he'll know the hints... okay?^-^ LOL! Just joking. Erm, don't stress yourself out, you seem tired and frustrated nowadays, get more rest and sleep. All the best in your finals!
Peace Out~


yohere said...

haha!yong..u didnt make us disappointed..only very disappointed..haiz...XD!jkjkjk!!haha...well..i guess i should be the 1 blamed for part of the job anyway..u guys were all ready other then me..tq to keong n ur help, u guys helped me on my presentation slide which i done it on that day...but haiz..kinda disappointed didnt manage to finish my presentation..sorry if i let u guys down...