Thursday, May 21, 2009

the 100th post of mine blog..


to me, of course..
my 10oth blog post..

I have wonder what to write on this 100th blog post when i'm bathing just now.
Finally, I decided to write something about my inspiration, objectives and also my plan to renovate my blog..

Firstly, I started to blog just for express my personal thought and feeling..
Although blogger is not the first blog i used, but this blog becomes my main URL recently.

Sooner, I find out that just by blogging, it can connects people and makes me keep in touch with my secondary school friends. It is easy and cheap to doing so compare using SMS or phone call.
Furthermore, I can link with others new friend or just the passer by.
I'm expose to more HTML and XML thingy and also the new stuff like nuffnang and adsense.
It is fun to blogging, right??

So, the renovation of my blog is mainly depends on my mood and my time.
I will try to find suitable ( suitable here means something suit my feeling) layout and also song to fit into my blog.
And I will try to make my blog more informative with news as well as sharing some meaningful articles ripped from somewhere..

I want to record down every happy moments in my life, here.
And for the sad and sorrow moments, just let them fade away in my memory.

By the way, got to thanks to my audience , the anynomous and also passerby for supporting my blog..
I hope to get some feedback and comments from you all on how to improvise a blog like mine.
Don't be afraid to comment.. Hope to hear your voice here soon.

So, here are the 3 pictures I created by myself as my theme in previous layout, so which one you like the most??

The happiness and sad moment of the Haru.

Haru ~ emoIng..

Latest ~ the dream of Dandelion..

(there are some meaning behind the dream of Dandelion - it is taken from the novel "Could You See Me Now? "

I will try 2 finish the story by tonight and tell you all about what is that.)

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Jeffrey Soon Jan Fei said...

er hrm... 100th liao meh? how come i dunno 1? or your maths got problem hah? could you please explain to me ah?