Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Gathering at Pantai Hospital, Melaka

A picture worths a thousand words. So, with 8 pitures here, they worth 8000 words.. haha..
Here are some picture taken during the time we went to visit yohere..


The lift door was like mirror..
although it is not smooth enough..
jeffrey said that is a mirror to reflects the devil.
I guest he was afraid to face with his devil look.. haha..

The drink machine I mentioned yesterday..

Blur.. Thanks to my 2MP SE phone..


He looked better today..
at least he can smile and ate something..

Actually, when we just arrived, a nurse was injecting some medicine to him..
4 types of medicine, is 4 injection!!
They were hurted, said by yohere, because the nurse was impolite and unskillful..
Pity him.. T.T

"Ber2 Bin3 ELMO"

The sweet angel that take care yohere for a whole afternoon..
So sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!

By the way, due to many of us having Hungry Atrack, we leave as soon as he have finished his dinner..
So, we have our dinner at Ji Ki then went home..
I hope everyody take care of their health,
especially nowadays full with viruses and bacteria mutating..
By the way, I have schedule my time table for study and also the keep fit plan..
I hope I can do it..
I believe I can do it..

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M!ngshi said...

keep fit keep fit ^-^