Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Life..

I took 2 hours to warm up and prepare my brain 2 do my assignment..
Woh, i wonder how can I study for final exam if I'm still play play here..
You know what," I want to off my laptop"
this phase is in my head since 2 hours ago but I still playing here!!
God, bless me 4 the MUET speaking test tomorow..
And hope I can do my Chemistry and Physics assignment ASAP!!

It just happen everytime when the exam is near..

No mood.. @.@
Don't want.. :(
I'm hungry.. ^.^
I'm sleepy. Z.Z

Just wait until the very last minute..

Self-control, determination, patient and enthusiasm..
These are what I lacked for now..
I hope I can learn it start from now..
Erm, I have a strange dream 2day morning..
It just reflects I'm craving for something..
Something that make me feel safe and secure again...

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