Monday, May 11, 2009

Just too bad..


Early in the morning, I have been woken up by a phone call..
"Ello, 2day need to wear formal ma? My cousin says we cannot wear jeans, but I want to.........."
"Hey, do you know that yohere have been admitted into hospital? "

After a simple breakfast, i changed my clothes and applied some sun block..
I went 2 campus later on..

It was 10.30pm, my brother and I walked to the speaking test venue..
The sun, was damn hot..
We are being quarantined in a waiting room..
But, the worst was I'm the last group for that session..
So, I waited until 1pm for my turn.
When I got the question paper, I'm sucked, my brain was so blank..
So, my presentation went not so fluent and my points were out of my topic.

And then, the discussion continued.
My group consisted of 2 boys and me..
Three of us didn't have strong points and I went very out of the topic..
Haiz.. I dare not to predict what band will I get..

After a quick lunch, we went for physics class.
Of course, we went to Pantai Hospital to visit yohere..
We wondering around and went to the wrong place (the clinic and doctor's room).
luckily got a kind sister directed us to the wad.
We played with the drinks machine there before we entered.
We were like so ginna.. Making lots of noise in the hospital..
Yohere have been admitted to hospital for surgery because of appendicitis.
He still got fever and very weak.
He is the slimmest among us and now, he turned to be so skinny.

However, we had been very noisy once we reached there..
WK started his sarcasm..
Jeffrey started his joke..
and KS started his laughing..
So, it turned out to be un-peaceful.. haha..

Lastly, I hope yohere will recover soon..


Jeffrey Soon Jan Fei said...

Aiyak... so so so sorry to Jun Yu.. Just that want to make you more happy ma... aiyoyo.. Hope Jun Yu recover bah... Tomorrow visit him again??

WeiKeong said...

Hey, the thing you applied, was it sun block or was is make-up?? LOL!! Haha... very "funny", you've been waken up by a phone call??! I asked you whether you just woke up or what, then you said you woke up before I called you. Whatever... XD!

Jeffrey Soon Jan Fei said...

~ ~ Whatever ~ ~

haru90 said...

WeiKeong, it is sun blocked!!
I will show u the picture tomorrow..
and i woke up and off the alarm, n went back to sleep, bt the phone call make me fully awake.
actually need 2 thank you 4 the call, or else i will nt getting up so soon.. hehe..

hon fai said...

muet can make you out of topic? seem muet really very hard wo...
hehe...but anyway jia you