Wednesday, May 13, 2009


8am - physics class - gnirob + ypeels

10am - Hunger attack- went to eat DIM SUM and DA BAO ^^

11am - went to Pantai to visit yohere.. He is recovering!!

12.30pm - went back campus 4 english class

1pm- class started.. busy copying..

2pm-my hand nearly cramp, the notes were too much..

2pm- no mood to copy di, took picture from slide.. hehe ^^

3pm- Hunger Attack again !! (the guy sitting beside me ate cakes and drunk soya made me felt more suffer!! @.@ )

4.30pm- went Ixora food court for dinner.. bt i just drunk some soya.. i'm afraid of getting gastric..

5.30pm- sleeping.. z.Z

6pm- bathing *.* (reviving..)

7pm - dong physics assignment

8pm - QH came my house n we discuss bout applied maths and chit chat.. ;>

9.45pm - can't stand the tiredness.. laptop is being on..

now- writng resume and blogging... ^^

p/s: WK, are u disappoint bcos i didn't upload ur "handsome" photo ?? hahaha..


WeiKeong said...

No, actually I'm happy about it. I'm glad that you are so thoughtful. You know, I'm afraid that once you've uploaded the pictures, I'll have to hide from my fans, especially the screaming girls!! Thank you soo much! Just kidding with ya... Erm, it's okay if you wanna upload them, I'm good with it. But if you do, I'll do the same, I'll upload "pretty and sexy" pictures of you. I'm sure that you'll have a minimum of THREE fans, haiz, those die-hard fans, miss them!! I can't be so selfish right? If you put me into spotlight, I wanna share it with you too, we're siblings! Siblings share... We'll be popular together. Don't ya think?? Hahahahaha!^^ Toodles!!

haru90 said...