Saturday, May 23, 2009

Mission for Have you McValue LUNCH-ed this week? :)

Last week, I saw this advertisement from my friend's (Jeffrey) blog..

It is a competition, but I just want to enter for fun.
However, got to find someone to bring me to the specific venue to complete this risky MISSION !

Em, after insomnia for a whole night, I come out with an Evil Plan to fulfill my task.

In that afternoon, I go to campus as usual for group study.

I open the newspaper with the McValue LUNCH advertisement and show it to our food adviser, Kim San to evaluate it.

However, Jeffrey and Wei Keong are too preoccupied with their study. Final is stressful.. Haiz..

I managed to persuade Kim San to announce our lunch destination to the guys.
And the guys start to discuss about it..

Wei Keong : McDonald? Expensive lah!! Pig head , Don't you know I want to save money for buying laptop mie??

Kim San : Nope!! Not expensive at all! It just costs you from RM 5.95 to RM 7.95 for a set of McValue LUNCH. You can choose Filet-O-Fish, McChicken, Spicy Chicken McDeluxe or Big Mac, with French Fries and also refilled-able carbonated soft drink!

Me : I'm starving!! (My saliva nearly spilt out..)

Jeffrey :
What?? Got so cheap set offer by McDonald?? Is that rumours or fake one?

Me :
Impossible la! This is the Sun newspaper le, the whole Malaysia reading it! By the way, this McValue Lunch just valid from 12pm to 3pm, we better depart now or we will lose the great promotion today!!

Kim San : Hunger attack la.. Don't hesitate.. Let's GO!! (saying while showing his own trademarked pointing finger)

Wei Keong :
Okay okay..

25% of my mission completed..

So, Wei Keong fetchs us to McDonald at Jaya Jusco nearby.

Within 15min time, we reach our destination. McDonald!

"Baba bababa, I'm loving it!" sang by Jefrrey.

Kim San : Duh, duh, the advertisement is here. You see, I can touch it so easily.

Wei Keong : Show off!

haha.. "duh duh" is spoken by melaccans of meaning "here". They are funny, aren't they?

Me : I want 3 sets of Spicy Chicken McDeluxe set of McValue Lunch.

Cashier : Are you sure you can finish them?

Me : Hoho.. Sure la.. (I just order for my friends.. I'm starving, your lovely and killing smile didn't make me feel full and secure at all.. Haha.. Just kidding..)

Kim San : Hei, Wei Keong, that is mine!!

Wei Keong : I don't care. I want it to be mine.

Kim San : Huh, don't forget I have the longest hand in Malaysia le!! And respect me as the food adviser!! Let me taste first!!

(Kim San is the tallest among us, with long hands and legs, because he is 196cm tall.

Kim San : I get it! Haha.. Don't fight with me, because you will never win. hahaha..

Yummy!! The greatest food production in the Universe! Thanks to McDonald for spending so much money on it.


Jeffrey : Stop!! There are mine..

Jeffrey : (3 of us staring him) hehe.. Just kidding.. Let's share.. Because you will get double joy by sharing. T.T''
Jeffrey, are you chili sauces fans? Eww..

"I prefer tomato sauces. "

" Emmmm.. Fantastic!! "

"Marvellous! "

They are eating devouringly while I'm taking photo.

So, now my turn..


"It burns my sensation and melts my heart.. Just love it.. "

Kim San : Haru, JI la!!

(JI means Jaga Imej in Malay)

Me : I don't care la. Let me bite it in my own way.

I can't stop biting the Spicy Chicken McDeluxe until the last bite.
"Huh, it is Song Ka Liao."

(Song Ka Liao means feeling of joy and fullness here.)

"Ei ei, I found something.. "

" 2130 kcal.. Got to go jogging tonight.. Three rounds should be enough.. "

"Hey, it is incredible cheap what! It just costs RM 25.05 after taxes are added.For 3 of us yeah"

"Satisfy with the meal !" " But so sad, the french fried finished so fast. " " Hey, faster finish the drink and refill again , bring it back to campus. "

After half an hour... All boxes are empty..


Yipee.. Mr. Ronald McDonald and I.

" Duh duh, duh duh.."

"Ello? Password please."

"1300-13-1300 . I'm Miss 00haruIng. Mission completed on 140509, 1400, Sir! "

"Congratulation and well done. Mission Accomplished. !"

So, have you McValue LUNCH-ed this week?

**p/s : The story line is just for entertaining purpose.


haru90 said...

Sob sob..
I'm so disapointed..
Why nobody leave comment for me??
Sob Sob..

Maybe I should cut it short..

JJLim90 said...

So bad la you
cheat your fren go McD so that you can complete your mission..