Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Sick during final exam??
Wat happen to me?


sore throat.. AGAIN!!
this time is worst.. got fever somemore..

I meet the doctor for 5 times this semester!!
huh, why my health level is dropping har??

just finished my lunch and now playing facebook..
ate medicine di.. Hope will feel better later..
tomorow still got 1 paper..
will start my engine after i take a nap and a bath..

DOCTOR & CLINIC- I dislike you..
SORE THROAT- I hate you x 5!
VIRUSES-I hate you x 10!!
MEDICINE- I hate you x 100!!


JJLim90 said...

Don't let the hours you work for tomorrow wear you down, set out and fly through the wind.
Enjoy the last day of it! good luck!
go for buffet and trip after final!!! huhu~!!

VICENT said...

Take more care...

VICENT said...

Take more care...

haru90 said...

thanks vicent.. ^^

yohere said...

well..mayb get a bottle of honey and have 1 spoon of it mayb once every 2 days..it works for me when i was in form5...but i had long stop practicing it because of laziness..lol!