Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Big Pao

An sunny day today.

After one hour of engineering maths tutorial, I have no class for the whole day, so QH, Jeffrey and I follow JY to The 17th Exhibition of International Alliance of Calligraphy and Culture at Soka Gakkai Melaka. Next year, it will be at Korea, so to the one who like calligraphy, don't miss the chance to see all those incredible and precious calligraphy work.

Although I have no appetide to eat anything (actually is no choice) yesterday, but I'm eager to eat Big Pao today. However, I didn't manage to eat it. A bit of sadness fill me. But I have a bowl of delicious Mee Hoon Kueh just now.

Now, got to take a nap soon. Uploading pictures and blogging make me so tired. Haha.. Nice dream. ^^

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