Tuesday, July 21, 2009


She is upset.
She is down.
She is depressing.

May be she is tired.
May be she is lack of sleep and rest time.
May be she is sick.

She keeps quiet.
And she want to calm down herself whenever things go wrong.
She just tries to control her unpredictable emotion and hot temper, hiding the face frightened and tired of losing all the ways.

She wants to close her eyes,
she wants to close her ears,
she wants to close her mouth.

Stop watching the cruel of real life,
stop hearing the noise pollution that want to fill her with doubt,
and stop talking about all the gossip and negative thinking of others.

She is a small little girl,
too ordinary to be noticeable.
But deep inside her heart,
she wants to be the shinning star,
ignoring the others and live in her own ways.

She wants to live her life better.
But sometimes, she don't even have the courage and confidence to make a choice,
and most of the time, she is lost.

She goes away alone, leaving the others behind.
May be she is the one who want to be leave behind,
because she couldn't catch up and cope with them, any more.
May be,
She just wanna has her own time and own space,
a peaceful environment to relax herself,
try very hard to release all the pressure and stress,
and gain back her confidence and motivation.
She will come back soon.
Just give her some times.


Jeffrey Soon Jan Fei said...

Sometimes you maybe tired, or really really sick or whatever..

That life..Challanges that you will have to faced throughout all your lifetime..

And do realise 1 thing that what we do today may not affect what we'll be tomorrow..

Just that I realise that I do not want to regret what I have done os what I have not done today when I'm old~~

You and you alone have to faced all the inner part of yourself ~ ~

Have confidence.. =)

hon fai said...

take care lo...now many ppl fall sick..include me too..haiz..sad..T.T
life may be difficult for some of the time but it's jus like a music score a.. you also noe de la, a song which dun have chorus,then tat is not a song...it is jus same when we compare it to our life...when there is no difficulties in our life then that is not call a life...

may you happy everyday^^

haru90 said...

I want to declare that this "SHE" post is created due to inspiration from all sudden. Thanks to my intuition.
And the purpose is to updating my state, not complaining anything.

Well, I do spent some times to read others blogger blog today.
Many people are facing challenge and problems everywhere and everytime.
I'm fortunate that I didn't collapse and fall down.

Everyone need motivation and support whenever they are down and feeling despicable.So do I.
Since I don't want to find somebody to talk with, therefore i wrote it in blog.Tats one of the purpose of blogging, right?

we are human, we have higher IQ & EQ than others animal, therefore we face greater challenges.

Finally, I wish you guys be tough and strong to face anything like love, friendship, family,financial, study or work.

haru90 said...

Well, I forget to thanks you guys for caring.
I just need some time to figure out how to solve my problems.

N Vicent, there is still a long long way for me to go on, and to meet the right one. I won't die or fall so easily.^^

ren79 said...

i cant do nth for u but i still can blessing u gd luck n all the best...must take care ah...