Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I have been sleep for an hour after updated my blog just now.
I suggested to go Pasar Malam to hunt for dinner,but the plan seem hanging, therefore I went to take my bath.
I take the shower without warm water (Ixora don't have heater and I'm too lazy to boil water ><) and wash my clothes for nearly 45min. I felt cold and depleted of energy that time.

Surprisingly my phone (nokia one) dropped on the floor and broke into pieces. I guest is the vibration is too frequent and the phone jump down to suicide. 2 miss called, from my brother and jeffrey.

So the plan go on, we go to pasar malam to seek for nice food. I spent quite a lot of money there buying rubbish. But, I'm glad that I managed to get Big Pao there. Haha.

It is too little too late to know that my meeting start on 7pm but not 8pm. Therefore I skipped it and have my dinner at Jeffrey house after going pasar malam.

Although my fever start but I still following them to campus. Doing nothing at SRC and QH suddenly call me for dinner(about 9.30pm). I persuade WK to go with me because I don't have much energy to talk ady.

I eat a quick supper and drink lot of water (Asam Buoi and limau). Feeling so full until wanna vommit di.

Thanks a lot to QH for giving me some medicine, really thank you.
I hope I really can get well tomorrow.

Haiz.. Got to sleep, 8am class tomorrow, I hope I can wake up.

Oyasuminasai. Yoyumei. ^^

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