Saturday, July 11, 2009


It is a cooling day.
Eager to have a peaceful and comfortable sleep, but, I got task to be completed.

I pull myself out from the warm blanket, try my best to open my sleepy eyes and go to brush my teeth.
A raining morning + half boiled eggs + hot Milo = my breakfast

Send many SMSs to variety people. But nobody reply me. 9.30am on a raining day, may be it is not a good time to seeking help.
After a small discussion, my roommate and I change our clothes and go out to hunt for fridge by ourselves.
Bukit Beruang > Tesco > Mydin > Courts > Carrefour

FH, QH and SH do meet us afterthat. Thanks a lot to FH for helping me to do some transportation job. And really sorry to trouble and wasting your precious time.

We have lunch at the Ichiban house. ..
Saba Bento = Saba fish with lemon + Octo + taufu + green tea

Shopping around Dataran Pahlawan..
FOS > Daiso > small shoplots > Brands Outlet > Nichii

We have dinner at Sin Tian Di. The promotion food is terrible not nice, don't ever try it.
Crispy chicken chop with barbeque sauce > oily and high in fat chicken chop + not nice BBQ sauce
The most yummy one is the Ice Lemon Tea without ice only.

WOndering around and plan to take 8pm bus.
We wait for 45mins in the middle of MP & DP.

Finally, it comes. We squeeze inside the panaroma bus. The water droplets keep dropping on my head, really annoying. But I feel glad to have a seat to rest. Having headache and feeling suffocated in the crowded bus.

Due to traffic jam, we arrive late at central. No Bus Tuah to MMU di. So, we decide to take Batu Berendam bus and request Yohere to fetch us back home.

The plan goes smooth. We sit on the old and lousy bus with all the noisy malay guys and reach petronas safely. However, we can't get through Yohere phone.
We start to panic, because it is almost 11pm and 3 girls standing in an almost closed Petrol station.

Luckily, Yohere does come after the calls. Really thanks God and thanks Yohere a lot.

I learn a lesson today, do contact Taxi if wanna go town until late day. Gambling the luck will not help and it does endanger life.


Anonymous said...

>_<"' play till so late... haiz, wont tired de meh?

Jeffrey Soon Jan Fei said...

anonymous~~ do write you name before making any comment so that we can refer to who are you... thanks...

haru90 said...

wah, Jeffrey soon, when u become my advisor di? Haha..
Thanks a lot by the way.. ^^

Jeffrey Soon Jan Fei said...

yea lor~~ since when ah??

i think is when you write my name in ur blog that time when you tell people about the nuffnang thingy lor...