Thursday, July 9, 2009

~ skip ~ skip ~ skip ~

I skipped 2 class today..

"Ring... RIng.. " I off the five alarm and sleep.

"Romeo save me their try to tell me how to feel..." my phone ring and i wake up to catch it..
"Wei? Oh, you go class first.. zZZ.." The conversation end and I sleep back again..
After 15min, due to guiltiness, I wake up to brush my teeth.
"Late by 30mins is better than absent." this is wat my heart thinking.

But, after i change my clothes and sit in front of my desk to pack my thing, I start 2 feel sleepy, no mood to cook breakfast some more.

Next, I go back to sleep, with the clothe and jean plus the warm blanket. thinking of " let me sleep for another half hour, i will wake up and go tutorial.."

~bluring ~

" Wat time now?"
"OMG!! it is 10am ady.. my class ended."

My phone ring when I wanna go campus 2 do my thing.
"Ello? Breakfast.."

So I go breakfast with them.
An Indian restaurant, near MMU corner.
It is the cleanest Indian restaurant I ever been.
The food is nice some more.. hehe..
may be it has been a long time i didn't eat Roti..

After a satisfy meal, we go back campus.
I go to do my flyer and meeting in ixora food court.

Dunno WTH happen to me this week, like to buy all sort of kuih muih (make me fat one), extremely lazy and super duple tired.

I go to campus to meet fren later and we go to MMU workshop to help the guys on robotic challenge week's games field.
Quite interesting. If I have proper attire, sure I will have tried to help them out.

It is about dinner time, and I can't found anyone to accompany me.
So, I cook the Mee Sedap and I'm late to Japanese lesson.
Therefore, I skipped it.. Hahaha..
Hopefully I won't fail in the Japanese exam in the coming Dec cos I spent lots of money on it..

Going to Dr. Nabil class and luckily I didn't fall asleep. Cos really tired la.. Walk here and there 4 the whole day. And I just get the message that need 2 be at main hall at 8am, IS 8AM tomorrow.. GOing to lack of sleep, again..

Hope I can wake up tomorrow.. Oyasumi.. ^^

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