Tuesday, July 7, 2009

To Nuffnang's Beginner

To Nuffnang's Beginner:

Objective of using Nuffnang:
*Publish some advertisement on ur blog and earn money.
*make ur blog more attractive and informative.
*stay connect to others blogger or nuffnang user.
*popularise your blog (more reader) and make it high ranking

On ur dashboard of nuffnang, u will see:

Earnings: Your review on how much u earn. there r terms n condition on how u earn by publishing Advertisement..

Analytics: You can view your reader from their IP address. Nuffnang rank your blog using this analytics. It just means your blog's popularity.

Xchange: A gadget to connect ur blog 2 the others. read the instruction 2 display it on ur blog.

Poll: You can create your own poll 2 do research on ur reader.

Add AD: After you complete the survey of nuffnang, u can copy the XML code into ur gadget. "Add gadget" > "HTML"> paste the code and arrange ur gadget.

Blog Manager: The main setting 4 ur blog.

Sometimes, there are contest or competition or even party and privileges for nuffnang's member. Just check it around..

Besides that, got something call innit ( http://innit.nuffnang.com/) .
This is one of the platform to let nuffnang promote their blog. Try it!

I got to sleep. Erm, you got any question just ask it or go 4 consultation of Jeffrey. He is more Pro..

And I hope others nuffnang can provide more information 4 the new nuffnanger..

Welcome to our big family!! ^^


Chili Crab said...

It sounds warm when you said 'welcome to our big family'.

Jeffrey Soon Jan Fei said...

OMG... like later every1 come ask me about nuffnang how?? thanks wor for promoting me~~ keke!! but anyway?? nice effort on promoting nuffnang!! enjoy your earning!!