Monday, February 23, 2009

remind me pls! b4 i lose control!! pls..

OMG x 100!!
got 2 make it tis time..
erm,hoping all my frens n family around me can help me tis time..
it's really important n vital 2 me!!!
it is once in a life time event 4 me!!
especially i'm 18th that going 2 be 19th very soon..

i got 2 on diet!!
i got 2 do consistent exercise!!
i got 2 save my budget...

actually, there will be an big event held on june and september..
erm, jus hope everything will going smooth..
i wanna save some budget 2 buy new clothes n present..
n of course, new clothes must pair wit slim body shape rite? haha..
pls, remind me always b4 i loss control again!!
thanks ya pp..


WeiKeong said...

I'll help you, don't worry... hehe! But only during campus hours. What you do after I go home, I can do nothing about it. Hahaha! Why 2 weeks? Ow, don't tell me you're slimming down for the drama. XD! Great idea... I'll follow you. Good luck! -bro-

Peace Out!

haru90 said...

of course nt for the drama la..
there r more important thing than the drama..
such as???
a wedding... hehe...