Wednesday, February 4, 2009


erm, a tiring day 2day..

8am class until 4pm, luckily don hav japanese at night, or else i'll die so soon..
a very relax afternoon wit QH at gym.. we stay there bout 1 n half an hour 2 exercise..
hehe... brother, at last i can exercise 2 keep fit...hahaha.. so u will be the 1 who r still XAX.. hahaha.. eat so much fried chicken la.. keep saying "i don care!" la.. keep lure me wit the food la.. haha..

2day dinner wit my home town frens.. spending 1 n half an hour 2 finish the dinner.. everybody, keep in touch o!!

1 comment:

WeiKeong said...

Waaa! Go gym didn't invite me la... so this is what you call a "good" sister... fine! Congrats that you got your wish.. keep it up! You'll be haut in no time... XD! By the way, I tagged you, be sure you answer and tag someone else... Good luck in working out! Adios!