Sunday, February 15, 2009

valentine day VS brother's birthday..

Jus a nice picture i discover yesterday.. hehe.. 2 relate it wit my topic..

Valentine is nt my day.. BTW, i'm happy that day..
early in the morning, i wake up ady..
i need a clean n peaceful environment 2 study..
Mariamnia started n i killed 5 spider.. hoho..

This is my lunch.. how much i get from the look??
hehe.. the taste... erm, a bit too saltly.. haha..

MEET DAVE, a comedy,
editing blog
were wat I'm doing 4 a whole afternoon..
Have a little confuss, many question mark and exciting on the evening..
Thanks 2 jeffrey, the host that providing us a valentine gathering 4 us..
Thanks 2 jane, 4 preparing the food 4 us..
Thanks 2 JY, 4 lending us ur house's utensils..
Thanks 2 WK, 4 the chinese version's 家有喜事..
thanks 4 KS, 4 the cold drinks u provide 2 us..
thanks 4 Jerome, 4 the secretive info bout the party..
thanks 4 QH, 4 helping me washing all the plates..
KS sponsor's cold drinks.. we r able 2 finish it.. haha!

the food seem 2 be nt much, bt it makes us full..

however, 6 cubes of tom yam flavour ajinomoto definately make the soup taste so delicious..


It should hav a compete pyramid if don hav 'YI YONG'


erm, b4 we went home..

we sang a birthday song 4 WK..

although the time is nt such accurate (due 2 we r shui du).. hehe..

I challenge WK 2 play a song 4 us 2morow..

hope 2 hear from u.. hehe..

if u do it, u will hav a prize.. haha..


valentine VS brother's birthday..

erm, there r something i wanna say bout it..

WK, happy 19th birthday.. wish all ur dream do come true..

actually i scared 2 be 19th.. if the time can freeze at the moment of 18th years old of mine, it should be wonderful.. (no worry, i'm nt hoping 2 be a vampire.. haha)

i know my intro is a bit long.. bt, the 1 who read until tis part is definately my loyal frens..

erm, wat can i say?

although it is jus a week, bt it seem many thingy had happened..

happy moment is short bt sorrow moment is long, that's wat v feel always..

the longest distance in the world is when 2 people face each other, bt their heart r miles apart..

the most hurting thingy can happen is when u need 2 hurt the one who u care so much..

the heart that broken will hav scar forever although it ady recover..

memories fade, bt feeling won't fade..

i don know wat i'm doing, where i'm going, n who am i sometimes..

if my decision went wrong, jus let it be.. cos there r no return..

"HOW DO I LIVE WITHOUT YOU?" the song i always sang, bt 我想我可以一个人生活..

nobody can't survive without anyone.. 4give n 4get it..

(OMG, my brain turned off di, i don know wat am i saying????? @.@

i should sleep now..)

when happy moment is shared, it is doubled..

when sorrow is shared, it is haved..

thanks 4 ur care, my dear n lovely frens, u all do touch my heart..





****IF SOMEDAY, I LOSS MY MIND AGAIN, PLS REMIND ME I'M THE LUCKIEST GIRL IN THE WORLD! thanks a lot.. it can calm me down..****

--i really got 2 go, somebody keep urging me sleep.. nite!--


Anonymous said...

it seems that's something that's something bothering you... mind to share it out? it's true that you have a lot of friends who care... but are you gonna let them down by being secretive? i heard from one of them that he/she felt sad just because you are keeping secret no one knew what you are thinking... but we care, you know? if not, there's no reason for he/she to feel sad. if i can, i hope i can stay beside you to support... keep up the good work!

Jeffrey Soon Jan Fei said...

who is anonymous ler?? don't be so secretive & tell us who you are... i think yi yong learn a lot from her previous post right?? anyway... you blog is so random now!!! maybe you have more things to say about already.. next time write two post with different topic will create a better effect...
you no need to tell us wat ur secret is... just tell to some1 that you realli trust then it's alright with us... as long as you remain the happy girl yi yong that we meet since the 1st semester & trully hope that you'll remain that girl....

ask yourself
"what you want to achieve today?"
everyday when you wake up, then you'll have a aim to go to...
"we're all lucky that we have another day to live for"

peace out。。

Qiaohui said...

ya~yiyong no nid so sad abt tat..juz u hav a gang of frens who willing stand out 2 support u..n oways care u a lotx..sumtime dun keep ur unhappy thgs 2 many in ur mind..sumtime split out tat u will feel better..the feeling keep unhappiness in mind very suffer the feeling i noe..sumtime u a fren share ur unhappiness..

yiyong..frens is not juz share ur happiness..
frens is by ur side..oways prepare 2 their 2 listen 2 u..
when u share ur happiness 2 dem..dey will happy tat u happy..
when u share u sorrow n sadness..dey will listen ur pain..c u cry..dey cry in their heart..listen ur pain..feel the pain in their heart..

yiyong..growing process sumtime make us confuse..especially without family..
so frens is the closest person..tat v can 依靠 to..

if u wanna cry..i oways welcum u find me..i oways lent u my shoulder(although my shoulder not wide enuf) sis..i oways take u as my sis..

rmb dun keep ur sadness in ur heart..the pain is hard n pain..

Ur Sis

M!ngShi said...

be calm la ...

yohere said...

hey girl..wazzup?guess something sad happened..well..its ok if u dont feel like sharing it..but well..its good that u know u are really xin fu..i do wonder what is the definition of xin fu to u..well..its different to some, it may means a life with no prob(but they nvr know that its impossible to have that kinda life.) but to me, it means living the life and facing each prob with happiness..treat them as blessings in disguises..haha..anyway, stay cool girl..we will always be there for u..just voice out to us..

haru90 said...

Thanks to you all for care..

Erm, my main purpose 2 post tis blog is to tell you all my mind calm down ady la..
thanks 4 all the advices..

JF, i don think we are close in SEM 1 lo..
my random post is jus bcos the mixed feeling urge me 2 do so.. haha.. bad excuse..

anyway. thanks a lot..