Tuesday, February 24, 2009


yup, i hav been jogging 2day...
very long long time didn't jog ady..
around 5 to 7 round of the field..
i hope i can really run bt nt jog in the field..

hey, the orange juice, cucumber, mee n biscuit really make me full la!!
i won't trouble myself especially it is related 2 health de..

watching the show in front,
i miss my band..
very much..
we play the music together in the stage..
communicate jus using eyes sight..
having a tacit bt common rhythm..
jus playing a song..
huh, miss my clarinet sometimes..
dreaming 2 playing it again..
i don mind 2 spend some times on it..
i don mind 2 sacrify ..........
bt, after all, IT WAS JUS OVER!
memories fade, bt feeling won't dissapear.. 4ever..

it is a raining season..
many insects come into my room 4 shield..
oh god, i hate that!!

raining can calm pp, bt it makes us frustrated smtime too, rite?

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