Tuesday, February 3, 2009


2day, we start 2 discuss bout the drama v going 2 perform..
I feel a bit pressure wit the character I take..
cos I’m nt dramatic enough..

While 2day evening, QH, SH n I hav been waiting
from 7pm to 9.30pm
jus to take the online notes..
v sacrifice our blood 2 the mosquito too..
must take back some service fees, transport fees n also medical expenses from them..
luckily Jerome comes n help us 2 carry the books, or else……
thanks Jerome 4 the cake.. u really make me fat.. u must responsible 4 that.. haha..
thanks 4 Shirly 4 accompany us 4 so long.. I hope u all can do smthing 4 her 19th birthday tis Sunday, SH says she wans 2 eat cake..
n lastly, I met Pavarit 4 a few times tis day..
(wat’s the point I mention it? I dunno.. very blur, sleepy n head ache now..)

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祝福 said...

take more rest....mom