Monday, February 2, 2009

My semester break..

On 15th Jan of 2009:

Semester break started for a week di..
Without internet, I seem hav been isolated from people.. No news no contact no gossip no works no activity, my world turns dreary.. Worst come worst, SMSing n get no reply, am I in quarantine??

Fortunately, CNY is around the corner n I find a JOB!! So happy n so lucky to fill my time with making biscuit.. preparing the ingredient, making the paste, molding n frying .. Make myself busy for entire day ..

I got an inspiration, or can be say as aspiration, I wanna learn how to DRIVE ! You know why, waiting bus at my housing area is jus like waiting miracle to be happen in the jungle full wit wild animals, dog n cat r everywhere n the bus station seem to be the home for vagabond since few decades ago. Erm, so I am trying to make an effort to eliminate the road n car phobia tis break, jus waiting 4 the chance n the courage.. haha.. (I failed 2 do so finally..)

“RIVERS FLOW IN YOU”, a song that haunted me on 13th Jan .. Haha.. My neighbour keep playing tis song while I am making biscuit, eating, bathing n resting.. “TO ZANARKAND” gives me the feeling of hope is coming to the darkness n desperation, jus like a star crossing the moonless sky.. While “RIVERS FLOW IN YOU” gives me the feeling of a newborn world full with strength, hope n love, jus like the scene of a garden full with bright yellow sun flower, breathing the fresh air of nature, I gain the power to survive.
So, that’s it.. My first week of holiday gone..

Refresh back the event during Chinese New Year:

I do make something called biscuit,

but it is NICE TO SEE,

but not NICE TO EAT..


must take yaya n may as Shi FU next time.. haha..

A very 'corpse liked-face' i hav during the day i back melaka to register 4 MUET..

I ate spagethi at Pizza Hut near KS house wit WK n KS..

I know wat u will say, "so fat ady, still eat so high calory food a?"

bt, as KS says, "i don't care! jus 4 tis time!" (bt everytime will be tis time.. hoho..)

Playing Yan Hua outside my house.. I think is 2nd day of CNY..

Welcome 2 Dong Chan Shi..

After traveling 4 one n a half hour, we finally reached our destination..
on 3rd day of CNY..

Let's drink chinese tea and play chinese chess together!!

cUtE right?

not me, of course..

is the potrait!!
Hope it does bring us good luck 4 niu niu year..

The big cow..

SIng K at GreEn bOx..

The conclusion 4 tis CNY is I spent it thouroughly with my family..

ALthough it is hurt when i need 2 sacrify my frens, bt it worth right?
Not many ang pao.. Sick on the day b4 Chu Xi..

however, I enjoyed burn the midnite oil jus 4 watching "DAte wIt vAmpire" wit my brother..

I am glad 2 come back melaka.. v do visit melacans on the last day of our holiday..

red cliff is bored if leak of the laughing sound of QH n KS.. hoho..

the 1st day of sem 3 is jus BORING..

the trees r gone.. so hot to be in MMU..

bt jus now, i can watching so much fireworks from 15th floor of Ixora..

gt 2 sleep..nite every1.

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M!ngShi said...

Didnt meet you this CNY... I also seldom meet with friends... three days also with the form 6 gang only ... hehe... Happy studying la ... ^^