Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I’m a bad girl..

The day b4 yesterday, I’m fortune 2 hav the chance 2 visit my primary sch’s teacher, mrs long..
N nice 2 meet all the ex classmate.. All become leng zai leng lui ady.. N nt the ginna 5 years ago.. hehe..

2day wake up too early, make me feeling PXX 4 a whole day..
Mc Donald make me loss control on my diet..
n sleepy make me nt concentrate in physics class..
after the angle n the demon struggling in my heart, I skip my japanese class 2day, I did nt deny I’m a bad girl, jus headache n bad mood took control over my EQ, I always believe take my own sweet time 4 bathing n sleeping can cure me..hehe..
start 2 feeling tension 4 study tis few day, confuse n pressure wit the start of tis new sem..
by the way, the moon has lied me to go n take supper.. haha..

Tis few day gt watch sm movie n read sm books, there r sm POV that I would like 2 share:

My Date wit A Vampire II : Bro, finally I finish the DVD.. dare 2 hate n dare 2 love is easy 2 say bt difficult 2 do.. n 1 thing, wanna stop oneself from crying is definitely going 2 kill me.. I hope I hav her strength in real life..

Bride War : I’m really touched by the frenship.. That’s is hard 2 find a fren that could share every happy n sad moments wit u.. be appreciative if u hav one.. reality might make pp change n rebel, bt time will always the honest narrator 2 tell u the truth. N nobody is perfect in tis world, v no need 2 pretend 2 be the strongest n perfectible all the time..

Bloodyhood story : life need 2 moving on although smone left u.. nobody will can’t survive without any1.. jus be 4give n 4get, learn 2 accept things faster, u will hav the chance more frequent..

“能互相信任、关怀和帮助的友谊,会比有负担的爱情来的珍贵和长久。”I 4get where it comes from, bt I like the meaning..

That’s all 4 2day..

Ginna geng in Jusco's arcade..

Shoot the alien!! n kill the monster in ur heart, u will feel the day turns bright..

p/s: thanks 4 vicent n ooi 4 listening 2 my great grandmother story. nice 2 hav a chat wit old frens.. Happy chinse V day!!

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