Friday, February 13, 2009

Oops!! I did it again..

Haha.. Not yet posting my blog entry ady hav 2 comments.. hoho..

This is the beautiful scene of MMU campus melaka during 15th of 1st month in lunar calender..

All the flower bloom.. So 'flower'..

The sunset on wed.. I go hiking wit QH..

Then, v having our dinner at Island Red Cafe which jus start business on Mon..

There are many workers and chef inside.. bt, many hands make 'messy' work sometimes..

I eat tis Maggi Mee cos there r 2 hotdogs, 2 fishball n egg too..

The soup is nice, although it is jus ajinamoto..

there r many aspect need 2 improve 4 tis restaurant..


A new day on thursday..

Due 2 the intoduction of LAB SESSION jus take us 1/2 an hour,

KS was very excited 2 go Mc Donald 2 hav breakfast..

Thanks a lot KS 2 treating us the luxuriant breakfast.. (bt, it is really high cal.)

KS is frustrated when he can't draw the ogive smoothly..

poor KS, jus don set ur target 2 high,nobody is perfect rite??

He is joyful after getting his dessert.. Hoho..

cute ginna.. haha..

Wat u think they r doing??



Don start ur pipe dream!!haha..

god, 4 teenagers sitting at the back seat ..
Somebody is very high until he start dancing in the car..
poor KS becomes his 'steel pipe'.. hoho..

naughty boy!!

"Annoying!" Ks don hav eyes to see him ady.. haha..

do u ever see a roti boom smaller than the plate that use 2 serve dal?

here is it..

the lunch of QH..

I start 2 addicted 2 tis rubiks on thursday. haha..

Can't take my hand off from it..

Thanks 2 TY 2 teach me n borrowing me.. ^^

So, now is the main point...

the "Oops, I did it again!''


I jus mis watching n mis planning my time..




i skip my Japanese class again..


Twice a week..

not a good record at all..

however, QH n I go to the 'Yuan You HUi' organised by CLS at EP..

Meet some of the pe05 & o6..

We watched many shows like chinese yoyo, drums, dragon dance, lion dance, chinese orchestra n so on.. due 2 don hav pro camera, can't capture the pic..


So, V day is coming 2morrow..

Hope everybody enjoy it!! ^^

As long as u believe u r happy, u will be happy!


Jeffrey Soon Jan Fei said...


Qiaohui said...

hoho..i noe wat izit..skipping jpn cls rite?

Jeffrey Soon Jan Fei said...

realli ah?? haha^^ good girl gone badl!!

Jeffrey Soon Jan Fei said...
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haru90 said...

hahaha.. satisfy will the portrait of u?
i do willing 2 accept any comment n critic de.. hoho..

Jeffrey Soon Jan Fei said...

haha... damn satisfy ler!!! yi yong are the number 1.... nice layout you have... really PinKisH!!!