Monday, February 16, 2009

~My Dream..~

today, there is a couselling session 4 us bout degree's course..
however, our smart JY also having his counselling next 2 their table too.. haha..
i learn a lot from the topic 2day.. i hav been a long time didn't motivated by pp.. thanks a lot JY..

So, let me ask u..
What is your dream??

Human do loss themself during growth..
They scared 2 take the risk and nt strong enough 2 hold their dream due 2 the Superego (moral value of society)

i did not deny that i hav loss mine since decade ago..
2day, i can't really figure out wat my dream is...
A teacher? A successful business women? An event manager? A hotel receptionist? or a bakery's owner..

**tell me yours..


Anonymous said...

A teacher? A successful business women? An event manager? A hotel receptionist? or a bakery's owner? none related to what you are studying now or what you plan to take next? or is that degree is just a piece of paper? so that you are a little higher than others with that piece of paper? not trying to influence you, since there are some people think like that... coming to uni is just for that piece of paper... after graduation is all on your own. all is depended on individual. who says one has to have a good result? i think someone who is hard work, determined will surely surpass those who dont even though they have good result... surely im not that kind... haha!
a lot more to learn...
that's why we are in this uni right?
to learn...and invest it wisely...
gambate yea~~~!!!
let's do this together?

Anonymous said...

The first PM of MXXA

haru90 said...

For anomynous 1, it is jus a dream, therefore it didn't suit the reality of my life now lo.. hoho..

n Who is tis??
"Anonymous said...
The first PM of MXXA"

my eng is terrible so allow me ask wat do u mean by MXXA?
can somebody tell me?

Anonymous said...

sensitive word...a country's name

Anonymous is someone
Someone is Anonymous

Enjoy your days.

Anonymous 1 said...

what's wrong with you anonymous 2 & 4???
comment something nonsense... NO SENSE on this blog~ respect the owner k?
btw wth is that MSXX thingy?
if it's sensitive then dont mentioned it!!!

i see, it's true that dream can just be dream... you can dream about it but dont make dream your master... ya, you are right too, didnt thought about that... haha
dreams take up of all kinds of forms, simple dreams and complicated ones... what do you aim for in this life? to be rich? to be famous? to be successful?
whatever it is, i just hope you are happy with your life... gambate yea~

(another support from anonymous 1 hehe...)

yohere said...

MXXA is else it could be?
lol yiyong..didnt thought u would motivate u..glad i did..haha...

haru90 said...

thanks 4 all the anonymous 4 being so supportive..
BTW, i'm don like politic too much.. so,i would jus rather become the PM of my fantasy & imaginary world is enough.. hoho..
i will tell u all more about my dream on later post.. cos i manage 2 found them back..hehe.. wait n see!!!
thanks a lot again!!!!